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And afterwards? (Post-translation)

Quality translations are a must... but they are often just the beginning.

Post-translation work is often necessary to ensure that the final product meets your specific communication needs, leaving an image in the reader's mind of your quality consciousness and excellence.

Transförlag offers three basic language-related post-translation services designed to enhance its already excellent translations.

Terminology checks are designed to ensure that the technical terms used are exactly those the customer requires and that they are used consistently. The check can be carried out as part of the translation itself or afterwards. In both cases we prefer to work with experts designated by the customer.

Cultural adaptation is designed to ensure that a selling text has the same impact in the translated version as in the original. It can only be done by a creative writer working in his or her native language and living in the target country.

Final proof-reading for vocabulary consistency and hyphenation is carried out in several stages.Transförlag offers one proofreading as part of the translation on all languages available at Transförlag headquarters. Proofreading of other languages is offered on a quote basis. Ensuring vocabulary consistency is a continuous process carried out by all involved with the text and double-checked during the pre-delivery read-through. Hyphenation is checked only on the final (typeset) version, not on any intermediate drafts.

When we have completed your translation, our Kattusch division can prepare your text for printing, relieving your staff of time-consuming, basically non-productive detail work. This service is available on a quote basis.