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Who does the work?

Translation is part of a cultural consultancy, carried out by professionals who offer translation as one part of a vital spectrum of advisory services relating to both the source and the target cultural context. All translation work seeks to create understanding, interest, and acceptance and to interact between worlds using language as a cultural carrier. We see the translator acting as a bridge with abutments in different cultures and a span connecting the two fully.

Bridge building is not a task for one-track persons, especially in view of the many cultures needing to be reached in today's international environment. For that reason we use only professionals who are both capable of accurate translating from one language to another AND are interested in placing that translation in its cultural context. While we coordinate the various aspects of this work from a small town in central Sweden, modern electronics allows us to work as if we meet our translators daily.

Looked at slightly differently, translation is the re-creation of a text in a new setting, not just the rendering of existing words into another language. For that reason, it is vital that a translator

  1. understands the nuances, sub-meanings and allusions of the source language and culture;
  2. is able to transform these understandings into the words and colors of the target language and culture; and
  3. can transmit accurately the technical and product information in the text.

This presupposes more than a schoolbook understanding of another language. It calls for bilingual mastery of the languages in question. The translator must understand the intended readers and write the new text with them in mind, exactly what we call on our translator to accomplish.

Because of this, TRANSFĂ–RLAG/HES has adopted the philosophy that

with the exception of certain top-quality domestic translators, all translation should be carried out in the target country by native-born translators. The only exception is tourist texts where the text content also necessitates a longer stay in Sweden.

With that in mind, we have initiated and continue to develop an international network of cooperating agencies and free-lance professional translators, primarily in Europe, but also elsewhere in the world. This network enables us to offer translation to and from most languages.
We are indeed language consultants!