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Deadlines and delivery

During the 1970s and 80s, translated texts were sent in envelopes via normal snail-mail channels as printouts with diskettes. As time passed, more and more deliveries went via modems hooked to the regular phone lines and subject to the vagaries of broken connections and agonizingly slow speeds.

But no more. The 90s and certainly now in the new century, deliveries are all done quickly and for the most part painlessly via e-mail. Translation assignments are sent to us through the ether, they are forwarded to the translators the same way and then returned to us for checking and final delivery to you. All without ever touching the ground, so to say.

Today, the translation industry is fully converted to using the Internet. This means that you have more time to prepare your texts and our translators have more time to recreate them into the language of your choice. It means we can choose a highly qualified translator located on the other side of the world for the work and still deliver your text on time, even on short deadlines.

But all this speed carries with it a caveat – the actual translation still takes its time. You must not be fooled by the Internet's speed, nor may we. Writing in any language needs time and cannot be hurried. Still, you know when you need the text and we know how long it will take to translate it. Together we can decide when we must have it from you so that you can in turn get it back from us on time.

Give us enough time and we will deliver top quality at a reasonable price – ask for short delivery and the price for our usual quality may go up. But whatever you need, we will agree with you ahead of time and then deliver what you want, when you want it, how you want it and at the price we have agreed to.

You have our promise on that!