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Art and culture

Writing about cultural landscapes is akin to making a film …

… with a superb subject and a strong, expressive script the result is a given!

And if the 'film' is to made in several languages, the challenge becomes irresistible.
Many texts are thought difficult to translate, with high-technology, science and legal texts at the top of the list, followed by product descriptions, advertising and general texts of different types. Cultural and nature oriented texts are usually placed in the last category and then hacked out at great speed.

The opposite should be true, for this combination of descriptive and selling texts, often with a host of special and specific terms and expressions, is probably the hardest of all texts to 'film'.

We and our translators believe that each language acts as a camera for the culture that uses it. The language reveals parts of the history and the geography, much of the development and a not insignificant part of the future. When we translate such a text, we are accepting a rather singular challenge – that of 'filming' one culture through a camera belonging to another one.

It may seem impossible, but in truth it is a real pleasure, perhaps even the greatest in the profession.

It is just for that reason that we prefer to work with just landscape brochures, texts about music, art catalogues, county and local descriptions, advertisements for wilderness parks, historical texts and a multitude of similar offerings. We and our co-workers both in Sweden and in the countries where the final readers live have collected a large body of reference materials and a broad knowledge base in order to be able to do this well.