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Legal and financial texts

One special type of translation texts are legal ones, including contracts, negotiation documents, court related documents, patent texts, witness statements and the like.

o Some of these have to be done by an authorised translator, in which case we assign the job to an officially authorised translator.
o However, if the somewhat more expensive authorisation isn't necessary, we seek a translator with experience in the area covered and the required legal terminology.

The same is true for financial texts, even though authorisation is seldom a requirement. On the other hand, the translator must command a very specific terminology and, for annual reports, own a very sensitive ear for what is really being said.
Report cards, resum├ęs, recommendations and the like form a somewhat special variant of legal texts. While authorisation may be required for work-related texts, it is the exact terminology that is primary. Each course name and every nuance can be decisive to an applicant. Here the translator's experience is vital.