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General texts

When a text is defined as general, its import is in no way degraded. Even if it doesn't exactly fit into one of our other, rather closely defined categories, it is of primary interest to the customer who sent it to us. And it will receive the same careful attention as all other texts we work with.

  1. Some of the texts here can be seen as a return to what translators once were, namely correspondents or secretaries. These texts include business letters, minutes, internal communications, reports of different types, newspaper articles and the like.
  2. Another group are basically journalistic, ranging from in-house papers and customer communication to product and corporate information magazines. These call for a combination of knowledge and creativity, of accuracy and a light touch – a rather unique blend of skills in one and the same translator.
  3. Yet another group comprises non-technical informational texts, such as road instructions, conference descriptions and holiday packages, plus motivational texts.

This then is where we place all texts that do not immediately fit into our other categories. For these we seek the right translator as well – linguistic generalists with a wide range.