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Quality translations are a must

Quality translations of your written documents are a must. Anything less is an insult to the persons for whom the text is translated. And insulted persons do not buy products!

Whatever the state of the economy, you must obviously invest and sell in order to survive. And once established, you have to make sure you stay on top. Quality translations are needed throughout. But they do not need to be expensive. They must be good.

Transförlag is specifically organized to provide you with quality translations at a reasonable cost, delivered on time.

Transförlag works with carefully selected translators and translation agencies all over the world to make certain that the language in your copy is the language your customers use today.

Transförlag uses translators who understand your industry and use your company's terminology consistently, but under your leadership.

Transförlag utilizes the latest electronic technology to ensure short turn-arounds and on-time delivery.

Transförlag is a full-service agency offering professional translation of technical, marketing and general texts into most languages. Call us for more information about our language advising and text re-creation services, phone +46 (0)302-109 87

where you're the boss, but quality is king.