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Text evaluation and processing

There are two parts to any product message, be it a descriptive brochure or a sales text — the message itself and the language used to convey the message. Shaping the message is the job of marketing professionals, rendering it into other languages that of the professional translators.

Both processes take time. Both must be carried out by persons familiar with your product, skilled in the job at hand and steeped in the language and culture of the target audience. Only in exceptional circumstances can both be done internally.

We handle the second part, the transformation of the ready message to other languages. To ensure that this is done in the best way possible, Transförlag follows a six-part process model. The model is in much informal meaning that it is not codified. Still, it can be described and it is always applied.

1. Analysis – Evaluation of document as to purpose, audience, content, difficulty, etc.

2. Definition – Decisions as to how the project will be carried out, by whom and when.

3. Budget – Evaluation of cost factors, preparing a quote (if requested), etc.

4. Implementation – Actual translation work as planned in step 2 above, within the framework established in steps 1 and 3.

5. Follow-up – Text edit, professional check (if requested), post-translation services such as DTP.

6. Re-analysis – Re-evaluation, often with customer, of project flow and outcome. Decisions regarding needed corrective actions.