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Verbis vestita meis *

The purpose for setting up this site is to share with my friends, colleagues and perhaps a broader audience those thoughts and ideas I have developed in writings throughout my professional life in the literacy movement and the translation field, as well as in my volunteer efforts in local politics and cultural fields. My hope is that some reaction will ensue, discussion that might sharpen my thinking and strengthen the concepts. I do not presume to think that what I say is original. But the formulations and the contexts are, and as such they might be of interest.

The links I have added are intended to provide some insight into that context, as well as lending background to the problems dealt with. There is no thought that these links are the only possible, only that they tie into organizations and efforts I know of.

In addition I have provided some information about my current work as a translator.

I look forward to any response that comes, any discussion that develops and any benefit that might accure.

* Roughly: "It is dressed in my own words." Quote from Archbishop William of Tyre (1130-1185 AD) speaking of a translation he had made.