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Quality focus

H.E.S. KONSULT AB/Transförlag subscribes to the quality and ethical standards developed and recommended by the Swedish Association of Professional Translators (SFÖ). These focus on the development of a quality attitude and quality-based action, rather than on a series of physical, quantifiable steps. Done correctly, this means that what normally is considered certifiable quality is a sub-ordinated part of our quality policy, a part that develops naturally out of the quality mind-set of our staff and our translators.

For this reason, we will not seek any ISO-type certification, feeling that the emphasis on such quantifiable items as dictionaries used, delivery steps taken, paper work completed and files created detracts from that which is truly relevant to our product – development and mastery of language skills.

Our principals participate actively in the work of SFÖ as part of our commitment to the development of professionalism and quality in the translation industry. Most of our translators are members of SFÖ as well or members of their national counterparts.